NAHKI is no stranger to the homeland of reggae music, Jamaica. He has been traveling in and out of the island for the last twelve years, making his music and has played an important role in bringing Japan and Jamaica closer together.

Being a great music lover, Nahki would be found singing mostly anywere. Nahki first encountered with reggae through the radio back in the late 70's and fell instantly in love with the rhythm. When he learned the messages about universal love in those songs, Nahki realized that this was what he wanted to sing.

At the age of 18, Nahki left his hometown, Nagoya to study at university in Tokyo, where he had finally formed his own reggae band. In 1984, Nahki got a chance to meet with the godfather of the music, SUGAR MINOTT while he was touring Japan. During the tour, Sugar saw Nahki and his band, and invited him to Jamaica. And so Nahki did, in the following year.

Since then, Nahki has been flying between Tokyo, New York and Kingston, and caught on to the language quickly. Soon he showed the people, that even Japanese can do DJ, and taught the culture of Japan through his music.
Meanwhile back in Japan, he introduced what he had learned in Jamaica, like setting up a sound-system, and paved the way for those to follow. He is a true Reggae Ambassador between JAmaica and JApan.

In Jamaica, Nahki has performed on stage shows such as Reggae Sunsplash, Beach Bash and Sting. In Japan, he helped to organize and has been performing at REGGAE JAPANSPLASH which started in 1985. Also he has toured the U.S. and some Caribbean Islands. And also for the last 10 years he has touerd all over Japan on his own concert tour.

In the studio, Nahki has recoreded songs with some of Jamaica 's top producers and musicians like SLY & ROBBIE, STEELY & CLEVIE, CLIVE HUNT, WILLIE LINDO and other hit-makers from around the globe such as ANDY MARVEL , PHILLIP LEO and DICK LEE. Of course Nahki, being a great song writer himself, he has composed many rhythm tracks that can compete with any of the fore-mentioned musicians.

Since the first album "BADDEST JAPANESE" in 1990, Nahki has put out eight albums. "INNER BEAUTY" (released june 1996 / SONY RECORDS) which was recorded in New York, Miami, London and Kingston, has a wide variety of pop-reggae tunes. Also included in the album is the mega-hit "I'll DO IT" featuring most famous Jamaican female vocalist in Japan- DIANA KING. The single achieved 400,000 sales in Japan alone and was released in some parts of Europe.

In 1997, Nahki left Sony Records and singed to East West Japan. His eighth album "WAY OUT" was recorded in London, New York and Singapore. It shows you the R&B flavored reggae in Nahki's distinguished style.

In Feb. 2000, his special unit for Nagoya's #1FM station-ZIP FM, called "LEINATS" hit No.1on it's HOT 100 chart by the tune called "COOL ENOUGH".

In 2001, he produced V.A.album called "DANCEHALL DIVAS" which contains 10 different Japanese girls acts, sung by Japanese on Dancehall style Reggae tracks. Also he has just released his long awaited 9th album called "BIG STEP" from Universal Music, Japan. And it's leading track called "Ragga Salsa" is climbing up Top 100 chart RED HOT!

Nahki continues to work globally, and as an artist from the Far East, his next mission is to take the music to his neighboring countries.